A Simple Checklist Sellers Should Use Before Every Showing

A Simple Checklist Sellers Should Use Before Every Showing

1. Dust and sweep quickly

Sweep the kitchen, bathrooms and entryway. If needed, use a cleaning towel or sponge to clean any spots or debris. Give the baseboards and window sills a quick once over, and quickly wiping down the furniture, TV screens and computer monitors can help make each room shine.

2. Make sure the countertops sparkle

All counters in the kitchen and bath should be clean and clear. Remove clutter as well — small appliances, knick-knacks and odds and ends should be stored. Setting out some fresh towels is a nice touch, too!

3. Make the beds and fluff those throw pillows

All the beds in the home should be made. If your bedspreads have seen better days, consider updating with something fresh and neutral. Same for throw pillows — if they are looking a little tired, some new ones will go a long way.

4. Remove garbage and pet supplies

All garbage cans need to be empty. Also, wash them out once a week, and give them a quick spray of disinfectant to cut down odors. Have a special area designated for your kitty or puppy food, litter box, toys, etc.

5. Vacuum the carpets

Run the vacuum over carpets and rugs to fluff them up. Focus your efforts on the entryway and living room.

6. Let the sunshine in

A dark home is gloomy. Turn on the lights (if you are home before the showing), open drapes and blinds to brighten the rooms, and be sure your windows are clean.

7. Load the dishwasher and washer and dryer

Clear the dishes off the counters and out of sinks by loading the dishwasher, but do not start the cycle if it will be running during the showing. Clothes should be picked up and either placed in a hamper or loaded into the washer and dryer.

Pick up every room, and make sure the front door, porch and patio are looking sharp. Work backward from the entry point of the home to the furthest bedroom and pick up everything off the floors and counter surfaces.

Written By Lauren Klein