Castro Valley Project (part 2)

Hey Everyone, sorry for the delay in updates! We have a bunch of them for you!

We’ve made a lot of progress at our Castro Valley project and here are some of the most recent update:

  • – We completed demo of the walls separating the living and family rooms, bathrooms, and existing kitchen
  • – New framing for the windows that will be on either side of the stove, the 4th bedroom
  • – The 26′ beam was installed that will give us our open floor plan
  • – Rough electrical and plumbing is also in place with locations for sinks, drains, the stove, can lights, and shower fixtures determined.

Some tips for your renovation project

  1. Order your rough in valves early! A lot of manufacturers use universal valves but we are using Grohe which has specific valves for their fixtures. Even if you don’t know what fixtures you will eventually use, its good to have the valves ahead of time. Another thing to note, in California, there are regulations for the flow rate coming out of your fixtures so you want to make sure the valves are compliant.
  2. Determine the size of windows that you want to use ahead of time and get them ordered quickly! We are using Milgard which has a 3-4 week lead time. You can find standard sizes are Home Depot but if you want something custom, get your order in early. There are other window manufactures that can get a custom order done in 1-2 weeks if you are in a crunch.


Until next time!