How to prepare your home for photography

How to prepare your home for photography

Get the most out of your Real Estate Photography


As storytellers, our photographers capture the essence of every room in the home so clients can actually feel what it’s like to live there. However, we also rely on you, the listing agent, to help us tell this story. 

To get the best photos, we recommend scheduling Open Homes Photography services once staging is complete and the home is clean and free of visitors. For example, it’s best to schedule before any broker’s tours or open houses, but after the listing has been properly set up and staged.

Contact us if you’re not sure, and read on for some great tips on getting the best real estate photography in the industry!

How to prepare your home for photography


  • Remove cars from your driveway and surrounding the street in front of your home
  • Cleanup landscaping (mow lawn, clear leaves, trim shrubs, etc.)
  • Remove any clutter from front yard (garden hose, children’s toys)
  • Hide trash cans
  • Clean pool and hide all cleaning supplies
  • Turn ON all water features
How to prepare your home for photography
How to prepare your home for photography


  • Thoroughly clean all rooms that will be photographed (vacuum, dust, mop, clean windows)
  • Please stow pets away in a safe room that will not be photographed i.e. garage
  • Have fireplace running if possible
  • Remove any magazines, mail, personal photographs, etc
  • Remove any clutter and wipe down tables and counters
  • Clear the sink of any dishes
  • Store away all phone/tablet chargers
How to prepare your home for photography


  • Make sure all interior and exteriors lights are on and all bulbs are in working order and they are the same color (natural, incandescent, etc.)
  • Make sure all landscape, exterior and pool lighting are all on and in working order
  • Open all blinds and window treatments throughout home
  • Make sure to tum on all gas fireplaces throughout home and any outdoor fireplace or fire pits
How to prepare your home for photography

We strive to offer the best service, but unfortunately, we can’t do it all.

We’re here to help you with your listing, and provide the best photos in the industry. To that end, we are assuming that the property is prepared for us to shoot as is – and that you’ve staged it just the way you want it. This means that Open Homes Photography cannot be responsible for:

  • Arranging/moving furniture
  • Cleaning or de-cluttering
  • Removing trash cans
  • Editing vehicles, power lines, cords, etc. out of photographs
  • Hiding any personal household items

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